July 12, 1996 – Friday – 9:10 a.m.

Tuesday night was my first free night in seven days.  Allen, Curtis, and myself went to Blowing Rock to eat at a restaurant called the Emporium.  We had a lot of fun simply talking and hanging out.  It was great to get out and be with my Christian brothers.

Wednesday night I videoed the final performance of Brigadoon.  I was on duty last night and Mike (who had transferred last semester) and two of his friends came to visit, so I spent some time talking with them.  Hopefully tonight Vince and I plus Marjorie, Erin, Ellen, and Wilks will do something together.

I have a Vacation Bible School meeting tonight as well.

The Highland Games are this weekend and I’m going to drive a van full of kids back and forth on Saturday and Sunday.

I talked to Carla on the phone yesterday.  She is Curtis’ friend in Atlanta.  While down there in March I wrote in her calendar when my birthday was; she said she would call me then.

All of the Canon Cottage girls went out dancing last night.  They were all dressed up and needed me to take pictures of them.  I did.  They were all beautiful and very sweet.  I just wish they were closer to God.


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