July 1, 1996 – Monday – 8:40 p.m.

We are beginning the seventh month of 1996.  In a little over a month and a half I will turn 20-years-old.

Allen and I walked down to see Vince at the camp on Saturday.  They are off the whole first week of July.  So he and Wilks, Erin, Majorie, and another girl were headed off to New York to stay at Vince’s house.  I wish I could have gone, but there are promises here I must keep.  Vince let me borrow his car for the week, so Saturday night I went to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame in Boone.  A wonderful and beautiful film, but in no way is it a cartoon for children.  I met Rachel and Paul there and sat with them.

Laura, Molly, Allen, Clifton, and a few other youth group members and I performed a skit yesterday morning.  It was the one we referred to as the “silent Russia” skit that we did a lot back at Abundant Life.  This time I was the Captain who slapped Laura, who stood up for the Lord and was killed for it.  At the end, I pointed to the Bible and then turned and pointed to the audience.  Each person I pointed to nodded yes; they would be willing to die for Jesus.

There are only two days of classes after today.  Curtis will be here this weekend.

My birthday comes during RA training again this year.  The fall semester seems to be very busy.  I have some difficult classes.  I hope to visit New York with Vince over fall break, and also go to Deep Creek with Marcus and whoever else during Labor Day.  Perhaps I’ll go to Florida with Kate over another break as well, but you never know.

A whole new group of people will be here soon.  No telling what could happen.  Ryan will even be a resident of Boone soon.

Life is good; a little lonely at times, but there is no pain.

Thank you for this life Father.

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