June 26, 1996 – Wednesday – 12:35 p.m.

Banner Elk Police came last night and questioned Mike regarding the break-in.  I talked to him about it earlier.  But Mike wasn’t here.  He didn’t do it.  Banner Elk Police found that out the hard way.  They searched his room, etc., but he came out clean.

I knew Mike couldn’t be that stupid.  It upset him that he was falsely accused.

A week from now, the first session of summer classes will be over.

It’s almost July of 1996.  Where has the time gone?

There will be no Fishnet this year.  Perhaps Deep Creek will happen for Labor Day.

It’s good to be in this area.  I wish I could see Vince more often.  Allen and I stick close together to keep our faith alive.  I don’t see Charlie as much.

We called Dan.  He’s fine.

Curtis should be up here soon.

Monday night we played capture the flag with the Orientation students.  I met a dude named Josh who will be in 205 McAlister.  He has a physical problem where he looks like a little kid.  He’s 18 years old, but he looks and sounds 12.  It’s like he never went through puberty.  He is so cool and really funny.  We’re already good friends.

In a month and a half a new school year will begin.

I often look forward to the future.  But life is not in the future.  Life is now.


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