June 24, 1996 – Monday – 12:30 p.m.

The last section of this long book is beginning. The book itself began over seven months ago in 1995, the day of our first snow.

Yesterday I videotaped more of the Blairs’ 50th Anniversary. He paid me $70 along with a lot of wisdom about marriage and family life.

We had rehearsal that night at church. Laura did a very nice job. After the rehearsal, she and Allen and I went to the high school to run on the track. We had a lot of fun. I ran two and a half miles while she and Allen ran three. When we got to her house, Bob and Sharon were out on the porch. They said Laura come up the driveway way too fast. They both overreacted and really embarrassed her in front of Allen and I. She ran down the driveway, upset. She was probably going to her crying place.

Time passed. We all stayed outside and Hannah came out, so we swung on their swing and then went to catch fireflies. Sharon sent Allen to find Laura.

It turns out that Allen didn’t find her, but Laura found and scared Hannah and I as we were looking for fireflies. I sat next to her amongst the Christmas trees. She was crying and she poured her heart out to me. I put my arm around her and put my head on her precious shoulder. We talked. A simple, yet complex teenager. She is growing older and what happened was simply a part of life. Bob and Sharon felt really bad and they apologized for overreacting. We all talked as a family later on. Everything was fine.

Allen talked to me when we got back. He is infatuated with Laura. I told him he’d better let Vince know.

“But, can you ask for more in a girl?” he pondered out loud.

“No, you can’t.” I said, with a thought of early morning in my mind.


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