June 10, 1996 – Monday – 1:00 p.m.

Church was really nice yesterday; Jim spoke on holiness.

The cafeteria was empty during lunch.  I ate in my solitude and enjoyed myself.  Right now, it seems as if I am enjoying being alone.  I did some homework yesterday and then went for a run.  We had skit practice that night.  Everyone showed up except for Laura.  I called her up and she felt terrible that she forgot.  We talked some more, but we’ll pick it up on next Sunday.

That evening some of the youth group members and Charlie and I went to the park and then went to the movies.  I suggested Sense and Sensibility, and Charlie said, “Is that like Dumb and Dumber?”  He was serious.  I just smiled and he took that as a yes.  Needless to say, those kids were not expecting a costume drama, a couple of the boys fell asleep, but the girls loved it.  And I loved it!  It’s now one of my favorite films of all time!

Sherry has begun to flirt with me regularly.  She is 5’10” and (if wearing makeup) very pretty.  I called her up today and she just kept acting stupid.  She wouldn’t be serious for anything.  I just pulled the phone away from my ear and wished I was talking to Laura instead.

I wonder how this summer will end?

Will I find the love that lasts a lifetime?

Or will it find me much later in life?


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