June 3, 1996 – Monday – 8:10 p.m.

I’ve registered for summer classes and checked a couple more guys in.  I went to some summer theater meetings and then got my headshots taken.  We had a hall meeting and now I’m reflecting on today’s most important event:  I received a letter from Emily:

You couldn’t possibly know how I’ve missed you.  How happy I was to finally hear from you.  Your letters always make me smile.  You are irresistible and incredibly sweet.  So glad to hear of all of your success.  You sound to be on cloud 9.  You are truly amazing.  Yes, my number is still the same.  I tried and tried to call you.  I must have had the wrong number.

As for me, I have two jobs, still in high school and am playing in all kinds of beach volleyball tournaments.  I work in a grocery store as a cashier and in a hotel as a clerk.  I stay busy, but that is less time for me to think about how lonely I am.  My ex-boyfriend Brandon, (you met him, the one with brown hair) is totally psycho and won’t leave me alone.  Its really scary, but what can someone as beautiful as me expect?  Just kidding!  Ha ha!  You of all people know I’m not conceited.  I got my hair cut off, refer to enclosed picture.  I like it a lot.  It’s getting blonder by the day.  I have the most amazing tan, I’m so proud of it.

The picture was from prom, it was a nightmare, not enough ink and paper in this house to explain it all, but I’ll tell you about it over the phone one day.  So many thing have happened to me recently, I wouldn’t know where to begin, but you know, I think I understand your loneliness.  I know that one day I want to fall in love, but for now I would just settle for that tingling feeling you get when someone you like is near you, but it seems like all the guys I’ve dated are useless.  I love Brandon, but not in a Husband/Wife way.  I know he would do anything for me, but it still doesn’t matter.

And then there is my love for you.  It is like a mystery.  It is like my conscience or that unseen voice that is always there.  Like an intelligent part of you written inside of me.  Like a whisper.  Sweet and charming.  You are a beautiful and well-educated man.  You deserve everything.  I am so happy you chose to make me a part of your world.  You are a blessing.  I want you to remember 62, it’s a date, we will travel the world together.  Just don’t lose touch until then.  Write soon!

I love you my purest of loves, 

Your Angel”

When she said, “I want you to remember 62,” she was referring to my last letter.  I asked her if we would ever live with lovers or spend life alone.  Then I said that her and I would probably meet the year we were 62 and travel the world just like old friends do.  We would tell each other all that we’ve been through.  How love is rare and life is strange.  How nothing lasts forever and people change.

So it seems we are planning on it.  I know I am.

I did call her around 8 o’clock tonight, but she was on her way to work, so she wants me to call back after 10.

First time I’ve heard her voice in 10 months.  After that trip last August, I thought it would all fade away.  But there is something between us that seems is unable to die.  I’ve heard that true love never dies.

But I’m not sure…I’m only 19-years-old.  What do I know?

Perhaps Emily and I really will be in touch forever.

Be with me Lord.

I do know that what we have will never go away, so I give it to you Father.

Emily’s picture is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a very long time.



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