June 2, 1996 – Sunday – 10:40 p.m.

An interesting day.  Jimmy picked me up for church.  Good to see everyone.  They were glad I was back.

After church I went out to eat at the Banner Elk Cafe with Allison and Craig; they are so great, I’m so thankful for them.  I used my free meal that I won from the best legs competition last semester.

Two people checked in today.  A new guy named Mike and Al.

Good to see people here.  Tracey and Derek and others were moving into Tennessee, the Performing Arts dorm for the summer.  I visited them.

Karen, the woman who remembered my name in the drug store picked me up for church this evening.  She’s fun to talk with.  I almost wish she wasn’t married.

The service tonight was for the high school and college graduates.  Special things were said by the parents and others.  I knew them all.  In a couple of months, they too will embark on an incredible adventure.

I called Vince tonight.  He is doing well.  I can’t wait until he returns.

I ran into Suzanne.  She’s renting out an apartment about a half a mile away.  I helped her with her laundry and then stayed there with her a little while.

I can now see how different this summer will be.

I’m already loving it!

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