May 24, 1996 – Friday – 10:00 p.m.

Thursday night, Marcus and I went to see Mission: Impossible.  It was so good, I didn’t even eat my popcorn.  We had a good conversation there and back.

Today, Peter picked me up from work.  I spent some time over at his place and then we came over here to play computer games, work out, and then just a few minutes ago we finished watching With Honors, a sweet movie, full of truth.

At McDonald’s there are two young Egyptian brother and sister working there.  They are very funny and I have enjoyed their company these past 19 days.  Their names are Ehab and Omenya.  Names I will add to my collection.

Wednesday night, Christi invited me to attend Lee Senior’s graduation on May 31st.  I plan on going.

Both Christi and Ryan will graduate.

Then, the next morning, I am back off to Banner Elk for summer school and summer theater.

Two years ago I graduated.  Two years from now I will graduate again.

But those are only titles given by men.

I just long for God to give me the title of “Good and Faithful Servant.”

Oh, to graduate from life.

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