May 11, 1996 – Saturday – 8:30 p.m.

You!  Get up, go look out your window.

Is it still there?  The grass, the trees, the buildings, the sky, the moon?

It is, isn’t it.

So, you’re still there too.

Are you happy?

Are you warm?

I’ve probably seen you, or even know you, or even held you.

Count the days.  Seven is the secret that will never be told.

Half moon here now.  Calendar says full beginning of June.  Not surprised.  Makes sense.

Where does your love go to?

Were you ever wrong?

I wonder.

Even at night, it can cast shadows using us.

Or we cast our own shadows using ourselves.


Full of what?

What if not one, but I don’t want to waste the gift.

Stars are bright.

That tickles.

It’s falling down on me.

Change!  Change!  Change!

We were perfect when we started.

Do you long to be free?

There is a burden inside you sleeping deep within your skin.

To dance over the moonlight, to run towards the sun.

But I have appointments to keep.

I can make it easier though.

Did you count from red?

The secret will never be told cause it’s already known.

The key to life, the secret of the shadowlands…

It’s so obvious…

I pity you world!

Why are you so miserable?

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