May 9, 1996 – Thursday – 11:20 p.m.

Last night I went to Abundant Life Christian Center.  Not many people were there, but Cheryl was.  She looked good.  We had fun.  As I left that ancient place, I almost cried.  Everything I knew and loved about that place had died long ago.

I began to think about Heaton Christian Church and Sharon.  I tried to talk to mom, but she just couldn’t understand where I was coming from.  Sharon always understands me.  There are times when I see her more as a mother than my own mom.

Is that bad?

How I long to return.  Twenty-two more days.

Tonight, Mike and Kevin and I went to Greensboro and watched The Truth About Cats and Dogs.  It had a good message.

Since my brother has done so badly in school, my parents are not going to pay for his tuition or room and board next year.  He has gotten himself into a rut and can’t get out.

Kevin comes to me for help, but I don’t know how to help him.  College comes easy to me.  What have I done to receive such a blessing?  Why is my life to much easier and more enjoyable?  My brother has longed to see the Arizona sky, he was born there but has no memory of it.  Yet, I go with no problem whatsoever.

We both came from the same broken household, but God’s given me a new family, a new land, a new church.

I have a place where I belong.

And I’ve come to believe that is the greatest thing any living person can ever hope to have.


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