May 4, 1996 – Saturday – 11:45 p.m.

I’m sorry.  I know I’m only supposed to list two great nights or moments from the past semester, but I simply have too many.

Going in chronological order, the first was when Murrell and I went skiing.  It was different, cold, peaceful, and I flew.

Second, when I got sick at Sharon’s house and spent the night there.  Such a peaceful sleep and such a wonderful mom to take care of me.

Third, when I was down in Atlanta with Curtis and Carla and Chili, the dog.  A night of unique conversation and one crazed puppy.

Fourth, would be every day and evening I spent in Arizona.  All were unique.  A beautiful land.  A great escape.

Fifth was definitely Carowinds with Vince.  The concerts were awesome and the day was hilarious.

And finally, the drive to Boone and back with Laura.  It was special beyond my ability to describe it.

I have begun to pack.  My room is looking bare.

Both hands of my clock are reaching up to heaven.  It has become the fifth day of May.

The moon is still full.  It is gazing at me through my open window.  The wind is brushing through and tickling the hairs on my legs.

Sharon called me this morning.  We might eat lunch over there tomorrow.  They plan on coming to graduation.

I found myself thinking of Laura today.  But it was different.  I want to show her Jesus.  To me, it seems that she sees Him as the reason she goes to church and the reason she is a good little girl.  But I want to let her know how personal and intimate he can be.

It’s hard to read into her, if that is even possible.  But I long to spend more time with her this summer.  She is adorable.  She is beautiful.  She is my friend.  And I am hers.

But I long to know her, to trust her, to have her trust me.

And perhaps, in the long run, I long to hold her.

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