April 26, 1996 – Friday – 10:30 a.m.

I learned the most amazing thing yesterday.  I videoed all of the Omega speeches yesterday.  A senior named Jason was the last one to give his speech.  He spoke on morality in the arts.  It was a wonderful speech.  But after it was over I raised my hand and said, “Hollywood seems to make stories about what it actually going on, if we look at the movies, then look at the news, there’s no difference.  So do you think America has been spiraling downward with it’s overall lack of morality in news and entertainment?

He said, “As artists we are not supposed to take the junk the world already has and give it back to them.  That’s what business men do.  Artists should not show people who they are, they should show people who they can become.”

His answer really humbled and I saw it has a huge challenge to make the world a better place.

After that, Kate and Charlie and I went to Boone.  We stopped at the Christian Book Store and I bought a nice brass key ring.  But I did not buy it for myself.  Laura and I were talking one time about how she needed a nice key ring since she now had a nice car.  So, I saw a nice one and bought it for her.

The three of us ate at Pizza Hut, goofed around, and laughed our head off.  We didn’t go to Bible study; we had too much studying to do.

My fourth semester.  My second year.  It’s just about over.

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