April 25, 1996 – Thursday – 10:10 a.m.

Tuesday night I received the Gary Juhan Leadership Award for being an amazing Resident Assistant.  It was almost like the Oscars.  Wednesday evening at the Performing Arts Banquet, I received a certificate for my special achievement and commitment to the department.  The banquet was a really special time.  We watched a video with dozens of clips from the seniors.  I will miss them.

After the banquet and after the team meetings, we went to church.  There we watched a slide show of old beach trips that happened before I got there.  I talked to Laura afterwards, she may be working at Bamboo Gardens, across the street from LMC, during the summer.  I told her I would visit her.

FCA was meeting at the Holston Camp about a mile away.  Vince and Ellen and I went early just to walk around.  We took a short trail to a neat rock and screamed and shouted and heard our echoes.

The sun was setting.  It was a beautiful time.

We had a camp fire for the meeting; we sang songs and ate smores.

I took a moment and stepped away and walked down toward the lake.  I stood and looked up at the moon.  It was not a full moon, it was a half moon.  I realized I’m not looking for the sun, but instead for the other half of the moon.  The other side of me.

I prayed and committed my life to the Lord, and then I asked him for a special friendship with Laura.

This morning I had an appointment with Dr. Ellis in Boone.  He wanted to look at my mouth.  I’m healing, but slowly.  Sharon took me.  As always, we had a great conversation. I can tell her so much and she understands.  She’s a friend, a mother, she’s everything.  I love her greatly.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes.  Exams end on Tuesday for me.

And five days after that, Charlie will graduate and I’ll return to my old home, only to miss this place and wish to return.


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