April 18, 1996 – Thursday – 10:40 a.m.

Vince and I went to breakfast at 7:30 a.m. this morning.  I was supposed to meet Sharon in front of the student center at 8:00.  She took me to Boone so I could get this cyst taken out of my mouth.  They numbed my lip; it’s so swollen right now.  It hurts.

On the way there though, Sharon and I had a wonderful conversation.  We talked about Laura.  There is so much about her that I am not aware of.  She holds so much in that she only shares with her mother.  I wish I could share all of my thoughts with someone.  But I only write them in here, at least some of them anyway, where no one will ever read them.

The way Sharon describes Laura, it’s like she’s talking about me.  But Curtis and Vince are pursuing her, I think.  I always get in the way of everything.

I also told Sharon something I haven’t told anyone.  When Allen and Vince accepted the Lord and became Christians and got baptized, it was Charlie who baptized them.  And Pastor Jim and Charlie would say that Charlie was the one who talked to them.  And Charlie did a little bit, but Vince and Allen know, as much as I know, that I was the first person they talked to.  Mine was the lifestyle they noticed.  They were my friends a long time before they even got to know Charlie.  But I was not thanked.  I was given no credit.

But that was okay by me…because I knew that the Lord knew.  Sharon told me she felt the same way.  She told Bob, “Charlie didn’t do a thing.  It was Jacob.”

I’ve always been different.  No girls ever see me as anything more than just Jacob.  But I’m comfortable with this.  I would rather Charlie get all the credit.  I wouldn’t know how to handle it.

Sharon always compliments me on how well I do with my faith in the Lord.  She said God brought me here, knowing Curtis, Vince, and Allen were coming here.  It was his plan for me to influence them.

God’s not through with me yet.  I still have many miles to go.  It’s going to be very hard leaving this place.

I see a storm coming.

It is two years away.


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