April 10, 1996 – Wednesday – 2:35 p.m.

Last night around 9:00 p.m. I studied my lines with Ray and Kelly.  They are in my Acting II class.  Then Kelly began talking about how she wished she could only act in Christian drama because that is what she loves to do.  I couldn’t believe it.  We talked about tons of Christian music and different things.  I invited her to church, she told me to call her.

I talked to Craig last night.  He wanted to tell me that the only reason I didn’t get the Assistant RD position was because of my class rank.  Both Casey and I were highly qualified, but he was going to be a senior and I will only be a junior.  He says if I re-apply next year he can almost guarantee that I’ll get the job!

So, here I am, already looking at things that deal with my senior year.  So close.  That means graduation is close.  That means…that means…a whole new world, a whole new lifetime, a whole new and different storm has begun to brew outside my window.

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