April 5, 1996 – Friday – 10:50 p.m.

It’s Good Friday!  I love you Lord.  Thanks for giving your life so that I may know the joy of living in your love.

I went to the doctor yesterday.  This thing in my mouth is getting really bad, so next week I will go to Boone and get it taken out.

I spoke with Dr. D. today and I did get the Box Office Assistant job.  I will begin it in June, as well as take some classes over the summer.  I plan on taking Career Management, Costuming, and Psychology.  But for the month of May I plan to go back to Siler City and work for a month at McDonald’s.  That will allow me to see Marcus, Kevin, Mike, Jenna, and Tenielle.

However, I know that the summer will consist of more than just classes and work.  Names will be added.  Great moments will be made.  Girls will catch my eye.

And I’m sure I’ll be lonely every now and then.


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