March 23, 1996 -Saturday – 11:55 p.m.

I slipped on the ice this morning and split the back of my jeans.

Charlie, Dan, Vince, and I went to Boone to see Executive Decision.  I liked it.

On the way back home, I began to sing praise and worship songs, but Charlie turned the radio up so loud so they wouldn’t have to hear me.  I sang praise songs to the beat of that music and remembered how Marcus and Kevin and I would sing praise songs together.  These guys wouldn’t do it.  So I stayed quiet and then later on they sang old TV themes songs and they wondered why I wasn’t joining in.

I called my brother a little while  ago.  He’s not doing good.  Problems with his grades and my parents.  Marcus was there.  He was great.  He said by the beginning of April he would try to pay me back for fixing his car back in August on the way to see Emily.

I love my brother, it hurts me when he hurts.

Sometimes you have to take a week and visit a distant place for a year.  And sometimes you have to take a year and go to college for a week.  There’s a whole world outside my window.  It’s been years since I was born.  But many times, it still feels like I’m falling from the nest.


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