March 10, 1996 – Sunday – 7:52 p.m.

How to begin?

I landed in Phoenix, and when I walked through the passageway, Brandon grabbed my arm.  His girl was next to him.  She is beautiful.  She is 2 1/2 months pregnant.

We spent the day in Phoenix.  We went to the zoo, out to eat, etc.

I was so amazed.  It was flat, yet there were mountains all around.  Dry, yet cool breezes blew through my hair.  Cacti were all over the place.

I kept saying, “I’m in Arizona, I’m in Arizona.”

It was 84 degrees in Phoenix yesterday.  It was 20 degrees when we left Atlanta.  A huge difference.  The flight was so amazing.  A special moment that I will cherish.

So, I’m now in Prescott Valley at Brandon’s house.  Last night, Brandon and Sara and I ate at a Chinese place and then Brandon and I watched a movie here at his house.

Sara is a manager at Blockbuster, so she let’s Brandon rent movies for free.

I spent a comfortable night in his sister Mary’s bed since she was over at a friend’s house.  One of their cats slept in the bed with me.

The sun comes up earlier here.  That’s for sure.

Today, I went to church with the family.  It was nice and small and charismatic.  A lot of pretty girls.  Afterwards, Brandon and I went to eat at Zeke’s and then went hiking.  Such a beautiful area.  The town of Prescott is really neat.  I’m here for just a little while.  I am enjoying it.  The hike and climb today was so peaceful.  I was so high up.  The wind was so fast.  I was flying.

God has taught me to fly.  You can’t stretch out your wings, until you first let go of your life.

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