March 7, 1996 – Thursday – 11:58 p.m.

Yesterday was the single most worst day I have ever experienced.  This whole week has been bad.  But yesterday is yesterday, and right now I’m in Atlanta, Georgia.

I talked to my mom and she didn’t want me to have surgery.  She told me to wait and get a 2nd opinion.  So, I am.

All of my Friday classes were not meeting and a bad storm was moving in.  Sharon had cancelled Bible Study for Thursday due to the storm, so Curtis and I left Banner Elk before the snow came.

We had a fun 5 hour drive down here.  I saw parts of NC, SC, and GA that I hadn’t before.

It felt good to leave.

His parents are cool.

Curtis and I went out to eat, then to visit a friend of his named Carla.  She was really nice and pretty.  We stayed at her house for two hours.

Another name to add.

So, today is ending.  It was 100% better than yesterday.

Yesterday, I had to deal with my mom, and a bad haircut, Kmart not having my pictures developed, and ton’s of people’s attitudes.

I wanted to give up.

But I can’t.

There are appointments I have to keep.

And miles to go before I can sleep.


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