February 27, 1996 – Tuesday – 1:10 p.m.

Today is Curtis’ Birthday!  I bought him some Now and Laters.

Sharon and Hannah and Laura came to see our final performance of Bearclaw last night.  That family has changed my life.

The show is over now.  Both Katerina and Lindy both gave me flowers.  I’ve never gotten flowers for a show before.

So that little chapter of my life is over now.  It was a great experience.

Life is good.

I am happy.

I led chapel today.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Brandon called me.  They postponed the wedding, but I’m still going out there.

Less than 10 days.

Small things are happening and growing.  For example, since last September things have changed amongst our little group of friends.  Certain people have bonded simply because Vince and Curtis and I are on the same end of the hall on the 2nd floor.  Jeff, Dan, and Mike ski all the time, so they are together a lot.  And Allen has bonded with Charlie.  We all still hang out together, but I seem to know Vince and Curtis better than the others.

Sharon and her amazing daughters are becoming our central topic of discussion.  Vince, Curtis, and I do a lot with that family.  Sharon has become our mother, and we are all attracted to Melissa and Laura, simply for the ray of hope that they will grow up and become just like their mother.

I wonder if those two girls ever think about us.


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