February 25, 1996 – Sunday – 9:00 p.m.

You will not believe how busy I have been.  So much has happened.

Thursday, Vince and Curtis and I went to Bible Study at Sharon’s.  It was really great.  But earlier that day our Bearclaw rehearsal lasted through dinner, so I didn’t eat anything.  Sharon baked brownies, so I ate a ton of those and drank lots of milk to wash down their goodness.  We stayed there until midnight and I got really sick to my stomach.  So sick that once I got in Curtis’ car and felt him back up, I almost puked.

So, Sharon forced me to spend the night there.  I slept in Hannah’s room.  She slept with Melissa.

I said my prayers and with the help of the Lord, Sharon laid me down to sleep.

I woke up after the greatest night’s sleep and Sharon drove me to school after taking Hannah to school.

We had the greatest talk.  I pray that my wife will be like her.  Driving through the mountain countryside and having her speak so much blessing over my life, it was simply a perfect morning.

Bearclaw opened today.  My mom, Henry, Nate, and Mandy came.  Mandy and I didn’t really talk much.  The show went really well.  Everybody was laughing and when it was over I got tons of compliments, even from strangers.

I have been the stage manager for Greater Tuna which closed tonight.  I’ve had a lot of fun doing that show.  I will miss it.

I got a call from Brandon and the wedding is being postponed, but I’m still going out to Arizona.

Twelve days.

The weather here has been really great.

It’s a nice evening.

I think I’ll go for a walk.

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