February 16, 1996 – Friday – 11:35 p.m.

So much to say, but hard to write.

There was a “great legs” contest here at school.  A member of the student government was allowed to nominate someone from each gender, they took a pictures of your legs and then put it on a jar and had all the jars on display in the cafeteria.  The way you voted for your favorite pair of legs was to put money in the jar.

Well, Lisa nominated me and it ended today.  I won for the guys.  So, I guess when I’m old I can tell my grandchildren that when I was a sophomore in college I was voted for having the greatest legs on campus.

I’m on duty again.  And everyone is gone.  I’m here looking after an empty dorm with literally no one to talk to; no one to share my amazing legs with.

Oh, the irony.

Bearclaw opens next weekend.

When will true love come?

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