February 12, 1996 – Monday – 10:25 p.m.

Nate turned 11-years-old today.

A lot of things have occurred in my life recently.  To begin with, I played basketball with a few guys on my hall.  And in an effort to catch a ball, my finger was dislocated and it might even be broken.  I go to the doctor on Thursday.

Mike came up on Saturday and we went skiing at Sugar Mountain.  There were so many people there and it took forever to get through the lift line.  His parents were going to pick us up in the parking lot, or so we thought, but they said the Snack Bar.  Mike and I waited and waited, but they never came, so I called a guy from school and he came to pick us up.  His parents called my room five hours after they were supposed to pick us up.

They were pretty mad.

I was scared, but it’s over now.

Church was great on Sunday, but that night Murrell asked me to go skiing with her.  I did and I’m getting much better at it.

Today came and I gave my speech on Dr. Seuss in speech class.

Then, I checked my mail.  And I found out that my checkbook had bounced.  And I also have to go to court on March 1st for the Hawksnest incident.

It feels like I’m running out of time.

Bearclaw is getting difficult.

I need your help Lord to make all of this work.



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