February 6, 1996 – Tuesday – 1:15 p.m.

I had a big American Literature test this morning.  I prayed like crazy and did a pretty good job.

Curtis and I went to Chapel.  Doc Speer led it.  It was nice.  I came back to my phone and heard my phone ring.  It was Sharon calling from her car phone.  She and her three girls were on their way to Boone to see a movie and they wanted to know if myself and others wanted to come along.

I have rehearsal at 2:30 though and everyone else is busy.  The girls are out of school thanks to the winter storm, but Lees-McRae isn’t.  So, we couldn’t make it.

Sharon cares so much for us here.  I love her so much.

It’s funny how I prayed like crazy today just to get an A.  I should pray like crazy just because I’m alive.

I love you Lord.  Thanks for bring Vince, Allen, Charlie, and Kate back safely.

They said they had a great time.  They went to universal studios and Charlie bought me an E.T. poster.

Vince and I watched it last night.


I love the scene in which Elliot and E.T. are looking at each other.  They are both in need of a friend.  They are so longing and desperate to make a connection that the simple scratch of a nose means the world to them.  The touch of an ear; the wiggling of a finger.  They both instantly knew they were friends forever.

One day, I shall meet my wife, and both of us will see ourselves in each other’s eyes.


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