February 5, 1996 – Monday – 1:25 p.m.

Dan won both his ski races this past weekend.  We talked about it at dinner and then he and I plus Murrell left for Food Lion.  They got what they needed and I ran by the video store and rented Immortal Beloved.  We went back to the car, but it wouldn’t start.  We called Mike and he eventually came to pick us up.  But it took a while and we were freezing.  One the way back we saw the temperature at the bank and it was -6 degrees.

This morning it was -9 degrees.

Now I believed it has raised to a soaring 4 degrees.

I liked Immortal Beloved, especially the 9th symphony scene.  Brilliant!

Charlie, Kate, Vince, and Allen haven’t returned from Florida yet.  It even snowed in Pensacola, Florida from what I’ve heard.  I hope they get back safely.  I wonder if this means Emily saw snow?

I find so much peace and joy as I go to sleep each night knowing that Vince and Allen now know and love the Lord.  Hopefully He will use me to help many others do the same.



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