February 3, 1996 – Saturday – 6:45 p.m.

snowIt snowed all last night and today.  I love the way Elk River looks in the snow.  Absolutely beautiful.

Murrell and I spent a lot of time together today.  We ate breakfast together this morning and then went sledding after lunch.  Just her and I.  She is beautiful, but we are simply friends and I praise God for her.

Life is good.  All is well.

The summer of ’96 draws closer.  I plan to stay here.

I got a letter from Emily on Thursday.  She asked me to be her Valentine.  I said yes.

Bearclaw is coming along nicely.  They bought me some cigarettes to practice holding them and acting with them.

Derek said something about how I might be asked to be the Assistant Lighting Director for Godspell.  That means more light plots.  If they ask me, I’ll have to say yes.

I’m looking forward to church tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to Arizona.

I’m simply looking forward to the rest of this wonderful life.


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