January 23, 1996 – Tuesday – 8:00 p.m.

It’s Tuesday night.  I’m on Duty.  Morrell, Kate, Allison, and Curtis have gone skiing.  Charlie, Dan, Vince, and Allen have gone bowling.  Jeff and Michael have gone to get something to eat.

I am here alone, in an empty dorm.  All my friends are gone.

Last night I went alone to see Seven at the dollar theater in Boone.  It was great, but also sick.  It was well worth a dollar just to see the credits roll in the opposite direction.

When Allison heard that I went to the movies alone, she said that I needed a girl.  I guess she was right, but the statement made me feel really lonely.

I have tons of great friends, but no one to hold me.  What happened to you Emily?  Where are you?  I miss Syndi.  She would at least hold my hand.  Right now I just want to hug Jenna and Tenielle.

Please God.  Please send me a faithful friend.  Someone who would simply want to watch a movie with me.


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