January 17, 1996 -Wednesday – 11:20 a.m.

It’s Kevin’s birthday.  I pray all is well with him.  He is 21.

The auditions went very well.  I was cast in a one-act called Bear Claw.  I think I play a gay orderly at an old folk’s home.

Derek got the part of Jesus in Godspell.

I delivered my first speech in Speech class today.  It went well.  My Stage Management class met today.  That class is going to be tough.

A girl named Murrell asked me to go skiing with her Thursday evening, but I am on duty.  We played indoor soccer together on Monday.  She’s really cool.

Vince and Melissa are getting along great.  He kissed her at church for the first time Sunday.

Jeff finally got back.  He’s doing well.

All is well.

I’m home and happy.

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