January 8, 1996 – Monday – 11:26 p.m.

I haven’t been me, I haven’t been a red light.  But tonight I talked with my mother.  We talked about the past.  We talked for house.  And I saw this place for what it really was:  a mere second from the short moment of my life.

A crossroad.

It has value and meaning.  Forgive me for hating it.

A girl named Cindy has been snowed in here for the past few days.  She went with Kevin to the retreat.  She left today.  Another name to add.

God took my world apart so that I could see who Jesus really is.  And I see now that Jesus is the giver of so many simple things.  How I long for my old room, the view from my window, cafeteria food, friends, homework, grade-point averages.  He is the giver of it all.  He can take it away any time he wants and he can also give it back.

It has been decided that I will leave on Wednesday the 10th.

I can’t wait!!!

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