January 4, 1996 – Thursday – 11:25 a.m.

The new year has begun well, unlike the last year.  New Year’s Eve was spent at Abundant Life with Jenna and Tenielle.  We praised the Lord together, sang a lot of wonderful songs, and laughed.  When it was all over, I drove home alone, but first I stopped by Christi’s house.  I knew she was having a party.  It was about 30 minutes into the new year.  There were a lot of people I didn’t know there, so I didn’t stay long.  I just told Christi that I wanted to stop by in case I didn’t see her before she left for college.

I was going to go back to school on the 3rd, yesterday, but I called the courthouse and discovered that what Michael told was wrong and I don’t need to be there until the 2nd of February.  Therefore, I’m not going back until Saturday the 6th.

So, yesterday evening, I got in my mother’s car and spent some time with two of the greatest people ever created.  Jenna and Tenielle and myself drove around Sanford, having the greatest time.  We had to cash a check for their mom, then we went to Walmart and dropped off my film so it could be developed within an hour.  Then we went to Food Lion and bought some things for their mom.

While the film was being developed, we went to Buchanan Park; the park near where Veronica used to live.  I had both my journal and my camera with me.  Tenielle wanted me to let her read something, so I let her read November 22, 1995.  They hadn’t seen While You Were Sleeping, and they wanted to rent it.

So, after we took some pictures in the old forest near there that wasn’t there anymore because it had all been chopped down for wood, we went to get my pictures, rent the movie, and grab a snack before heading home.

They enjoyed the movie; their mom even liked it.  Tenielle leaned on my shoulder as we watched and then she would look at me and laugh whenever something funny happened.

I wonder if what I want to find in Laura or some other girl is what I already have in Tenielle.  We have nothing to hide from each other.  We laugh together all the time.  A simple beautiful 14-year-old who knows only that I adore her and see her as one of my best-friends.  When I’m around her, I don’t have a care in the world.  What will become of her and I?

My pictures turned out nice.  I have a nice one of Allen, Vince, and Dan in front of Heaton Christian Church.  And I have a great one of Charlie and Kate, which reminds me, Charlie is graduating after this coming semester.  I owe him my life.  He helped me find my place at Heaton and Lees-McRae.  I appreciate him now, but I know I will appreciate him 100 times more after he is gone.

On the other hand, Kate is a Sophomore just like me, and if she’s around for two more years, then I guess that means Charlie will be close by.

And the picture of the Christmas Play made me miss those kids so much.  I can’t wait to get back home!

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