December 24, 1995 – Sunday – 4:30 p.m.

I went to church with the my grandparents this morning.  Then we went to see Sabrina.  It was sweet and fun, but not perfect.

The sun is beginning to set now.  It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all.  I spend every Christmas in Toano or Lenexa, Virginia.  I really don’t even know what town it is.

I’m in the parking lot of Farm Fresh, Ronnie and Sissy are inside.  They came to pick me up after the movie.  We are going to a dinner at someone’e house.  I’m not sure whose.  I think I’m distantly related to them, but I’m not sure.

In Christmas Comes to Lone Star Gulch we sang a song called “Christmas isn’t Christmas ’til it happens in your heart.”

Christmas is Jesus.

Jesus is God.

God is love.

Why doesn’t it feel like Christmas?


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