December 23, 1995 – Saturday – 11:17 a.m.

From my parents last night, I received some clothes, a cassette case, some tapes, and some mousse for my hew haircut.

It was fun.

There was some talk last night concerning Tenielle and Kevin and John.  I don’t know everything; I don’t need to know everything.  None of it concerns me whatsoever.  But John has lost some sense of reality.  He feels trapped because of his job, his wife, and his five kids.  Tenielle has never had a father figure and she clung to Shurby just like she clung to John.  But Shurby didn’t let his life get out of whack, just because a beautiful 14-year-old girl adored him.  To John however, it made him feel young again.  He grew jealous of Kevin and abused his authority as youth pastor to try and tell him what to do.  Kevin went to Pastor Steve and Pastor Steve ordered John to never go near Tenielle again and takes him down from his position as youth pastor and as trumpet player on the worship team.

John’s marriage however, is falling apart.  Kevin is discouraged because he looked up to John, his lifestyle, his family, and John threw it all away.  Kevin told me last night that it tore up his spiritual life so much that he couldn’t even pray or read the Bible anymore.

And Pastor Steve feels like he is all alone in trying to take care of these people.  He feels like no one is listening.  He feels like a failure.

I see all of this.  I have eyes.  I am a red light.

But Pastor Steve is not a failure.  He has saved me.  He has changed my life.  Abundant Life may be dying around him, but there is an abundant life in me that is helping my world:  Banner Elk.

He helped bring Allen to the Lord and I’m going to tell him that.

Endtime Warriors.

Emmanuel Players.

Abundant Life.

They will never die.

And I will see to that.

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