December 21, 1995 – Thursday – 11:08 p.m.

I went to the ancient place of Abundant Life last night.  Cheryl was there.  I sat with her.  She is growing up.  Not many people were there, but it was good to see the few that were.  One little kid hugged me and said he missed me.

Today I drove with mom to work, then took the car and drove down to Cameron to Jenna and Tenielle’s house.  We all just laid around and talked.  It was good to be in that house.

I left to meet mom for lunch and then went back and picked them up to go shopping.  I bought some presents for my immediate family, etc.

Emily once told me that everyone should have a special teddy bear to sleep with.  She said she would buy me one, but needless to say, she never did.  I wanted one, one given to me from someone very special to me.  I couldn’t think of anyone more special than Jenna and Tenielle.  I hinted at it today and they bought me one.  It lays here beside me now.

After I went and picked Kevin and Mom up from work, we all went back to Jenna and Tenielle’s so I could get my hair cut.  It used to be way down past my chin, but I got it whacked off and now it is above my ears.

Marcus, Danny, and Peter came over tonight and we played Monopoly with the family.  It was a good day today.  I really had fun.  This place isn’t bad.  My past is here, and although it hurts sometimes, the pain shows me that I had strong feelings for the people of this land.


I guess the pain makes it more fun.

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