December 14, 1995 – Thursday – 1:20 a.m.

My final monologue for Diction class went well today.  All of my final exams are now over.

The semester is over.

Vince and I went over to Sharon’s at around 4:00 p.m.  Melissa and Vince got to talk some.  Laura and I helped Sharon cook dinner.  It was really fun.  We talked a lot during dinner.  Laura was so much fun.  She has such a funny side to her that I have not seen until tonight.  She almost reminds me of Marcus.  And she looked simply amazing tonight.

Church time came and Laura and Hannah and I went.  Rehearsal went okay.  I’m excited about the show.  Then we rented a movie and watched it after church.  And then Vince and I came home, but that isn’t all that happened.  Something new appeared.

While cooking dinner, I mentioned to Sharon that I am going to stay up here this summer and might need a place to stay if she knew of anything.  It turns out that they own a little cottage on their land off down the hillside and deeper into the woods.  Laura, Hannah, Melissa, and Vince and I took a little walk out to it.  It was, quite simply, the most beautiful piece of property I have ever seen.  There was a sign out front that said “Snowflake Inn.”  It was right next to a little stream, and snug up against the hill side.  Trees were all around.  It was absolutely gorgeous; like a fairy tale.

It was a little icy as we walked along the trail.  Laura was in front of me and she slipped and grabbed my hand.

There is a chance I might stay there this summer.  In my own little cottage, yet right next to Laura’s house.

Please Father, let it happen.

After we got back to the college, I took a little walk simply to pray.  While out there, I saw two shooting stars.  The Lord and I had a wonderful time.

Things are going to be alright.

I am going to pick up my life and hand it to God.

Thank you for tonight Father.

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect evening.


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