December 11, 1995 – Monday – 1:30 p.m.


What a price we paid for experience

For we lost our touch

To buy it.

I miss you.  Maybe I represented someone to end your loneliness, but how can I accompany you when all we have is ink?  Jacob, if you have never listened to me, hear me now…

You are beautiful,

Everything about you is…


You have no reason to be sad.  Pick up your life.  Remember that when the frost comes and you look out your window, that you are on a journey.  Your prize will be at the end and you have only begun.  Don’t worry about the little things.  God has a plan for you.  The other things will come.  Just trust him and yourself.

It sounds to me like you need to do some soul searching.  Remember that you are loved.  If I disappointed you, I am sorry.

But I miss you.

Jacob, you are beautiful in every way.


This is what I received in the mail today.  There was a beautiful named signed at the bottom, but there is no need to write it here.  If you are reading these collections of hearts and thoughts, then you already know whose hand wrote these beautiful words.

Life has been rough for me recently.  But this letter has helped.  She is so right.  I do need to do some soul searching.

Finally, I have been held tighter than I was on March 26, 1995.  And it was by the same girl.

What a price we have paid to try and find something more solid than paper, more readable than ink.

Will I ever find anything more valuable than a piece of paper we have both touched?  That is who we truly are to each other.  It is who we will continue to be.

Her written and spoken words over the past two and a half years have changed me.

Am I really beautiful?

Could I be?

Frost was on my window this morning.  It is so cold outside.

What prize will be at the end?  I do this; I play this game…but why?














Soaring Somewhere

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