November 30, 1995 – Thursday – 10:10 a.m.

Last night was a blessing.  We had rehearsal at church and it was really fun.  We are going to meet here at the college on Saturday.  All of the adults respect me.  Laura was there and she smiled at me and said hi.  She really is beautiful.  A type of beauty that doesn’t realize how beautiful she really is.  I don’t think she realizes how a simple smile and spoken word from a girl as beautiful as her can change an entire young man’s week for the better.  In addition to her smile, all of the little kids at church always hang all over me and hug on me.  They adore me.  Thank you Father.

I led FCA last night as well.  We played a fun game.  I then read a passage from John 13 and as the Lord told us to do in that passage, we washed each other’s feet.  I went around and washed everyone’s feet and then I sat down and told them about the time my old youth pastor Jason washed my feet one time.  And how I cried when he did because I didn’t want someone I looked up to so much to be so far down and humble before me.

And half of the group came and washed my feet.  It was special.  Vince made a cross with the water on my feet and said “bless you.”

I came back to my room in tears.

In six months, my time at Lees-McRae will be half over.  Why is such a perfect place floating by me so quickly?

We had a test in my computer class this morning.  I whizzed through it and turned it in about five minutes after I got it.  Mr. Fuller asked me if I was interested in taking any other computer classes since I seemed to be a natural at it, but I told him I was a Performing Arts major.  But if I find the time, I might try to fit some extra classes in.

Mr. Naggier, my lighting teacher, told me yesterday how much he really enjoyed my lighting design for the dance concert earlier this month.  He said it was very daring and bold.

A lot of students always come to me and tell me what they need prayer for in their life.

People trust me.

Thank you Lord for Lees-McRae College.

Thank you for Heaton Christian Church.

November is over.

The final month of 1995 is approaching.



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