November 12, 1995 – Sunday – 9:40 p.m.

Most of the snow has melted away.  Church went well this morning.  I washed clothes this afternoon with Jeff, Vince, and Curtis.  Christmas play practice was tonight.  It went okay, but I have a lot of work ahead of me.  This next month is going to be very busy.  Please help me Lord.  Give me the patience.

I am becoming a part of Heaton Christian Church.  Other leaders are asking me for favors and ideas.  All of it concerning drama.  Tonight we went to McDonald’s after the service.  These people here have become my family.  And although my previous church is still a vital living part of me, it is moving away, back into my past, and this beautiful church is taking its place.

I miss my mom in a way.  I think I’ll call her simply to say “I love you.”

But before I do, let me mention that Dan and I had an interesting conversation today.  He has become someone that I can really talk to.  I feel understood by him.  I’m glad he is here.

Speaking of understanding me, Charlie went to Kentucky for the weekend with Kate.  She had a soccer game there.  I miss him.


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