November 3, 1995 – Friday – 12:37 a.m.

We just got back from Sharon’s house.  Dan, Allen, Vince, and myself went.  We ate dinner and then played Taboo, spoons, and talked about everything under the sun.  Sharon is the greatest!  Laura, Hannah, and Melissa were there, but Melissa stayed in her room while we did everything.  She’s the oldest sister and also seems the coldest.  Not sure why she didn’t want to hang with us.

I really did have a wonderful time.  We were over there for more than six hours.

Right after we left, once we got in the car, the guys immediately began to talk about Laura, how beautiful she was, how pretty her voice was, and so on.  I said, “Guys, four different people can’t like the same girl.”  But she is that amazing and that beautiful, so there’s no doubt the four of us have a deep crush on her.  There were times when our eyes met during conversation and I forced myself to look away, simply because I so deeply longed not to.

The feeling I felt in the car on the drive back was similar to how I felt when Marcus, Kevin, Jonathan and I were all crazy over Jenna and Tenielle.

It is happening again.

And for an odd reason, I am reminded of dreams from last winter.

But there are things more important going on.  Allen came to my room tonight and wanted to thank me.  He wanted to thank me because now he feels as if his life has truly begun now that he is close to The Lord.

I have helped someone find Jesus.

I have influenced a life.

And they thanked me for it.

I might actually be making a difference.

Jim, the pastor at Heaton, has also talked to me about different drama ministry opportunities other than the Christmas show.  He’d love for there to be a youth drama team and he’s handing it all over to me.

Therefore, my summer may be spent here, where I can watch beautiful summer sunsets with beautiful people.

Things are changing.

This past summer seems so far away.

At the beginning of this year I was in Albany, Georgia.

Where is everyone?

Where is Emily?

Where is Jonathan?

Will I ever go back?

Will I ever find out?

This Ninth Book of Days is over.  The Tenth is beginning.  These days are over.

And when I wake up tomorrow, with moisture on my window, whose name will I write with my finger?

Will I be thinking of someone who could be the other side of me?

Or will I be entertaining angels unaware?


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