November 2, 1995 – Thursday – 4:35 p.m.

Last night when I went to church, Eric, the director of the children’s Christmas show, came up to me and asked me if I wanted to take over and be the director of the show since his work schedule was getting too hectic.

I accepted.  So, now all of that joy and responsibility is mine.

I am excited.  I know the Lord will help me.

After the concert was over on Tuesday, Lisa jokingly said that I could buy her a Brian White and Justice tape for Christmas.  I jokingly said that I wouldn’t, but after she left I did and gave it to her today.  She hugged me and said I was the greatest.

I also talked to Laura last night.  I’m afraid I’m beginning to notice her again.

You know what, since I’m doing the show, and I’ll have to direct it, I probably won’t be able to go home for Thanksgiving.  But I want this bad enough.

My lighting design for the dance concert is coming along nicely.  I’ve also been cast for some more scenes.  I’m getting deeply involved with my church.  And Jesus is behind it all.


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