October 22, 1995 – Sunday – 2:10 p.m.

Fall Break is over.  I had a peaceful time at Crystal and Clifton’s house.

Allen went to church with me and Charlie this morning.  He is considering becoming a Christian.  I praise God for that.

Dan L. brought a girl to church this morning.  We all went to Subway.  I don’t know her name, but she was interesting.  I told her I write a lot and she wanted to know my major themes.  I told her about “my collection,” how I view life as a collection of “hellos” and “goodbyes” and the love we share in-between.  She said it was pessimistic.  But I think it’s a good outlook.  Realizing all things come to an end only makes us appreciate them more.

In about 50 minutes I’m going to leave for Johnson City, TN.  I have been asked to pick up a girl named Jenny at the Tri-City Airport.  I don’t know her, but she is a student here.  They are giving me a van and paying me.  We will say “hello” and another name will be added to my collection.

It is a beautiful day outside.

Church was so amazing this morning.

Jesus is the greatest!


2 thoughts on “October 22, 1995 – Sunday – 2:10 p.m.

  1. You are always a part of our life, even after spring break is over. And I suppose that was Dan Lincoln in this post. Blessings to you and your family.

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