October 3, 1995 – Tuesday – 6:00 p.m.

It is evening again here at Lees-McRae College.

I am on duty.

Things are calm.

Do you remember Erica?  Well, she and I email now.  She will be at ASU in January.  I’m looking forward to seeing her.

I got a voice mail from Jonathan yesterday.  He is losing his apartment Friday and he doesn’t have a job.  My best friend is practically homeless.  And just think, I few months ago…I was his home.

I had to write up G.W. today.  He was Haimon in Antigone.  He had alcohol in his room.

Things continue to change.

One year ago, I was kissing Jeni on a stone bench.

Two years ago, I was eating at Mr. Gatti’s with Ryan, Amy, Christi, and Cheryl.

Things do change.  And that is good.

If I’m not changing, then I’m probably dead.

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