September 12, 1995 – Tuesday – 10:55 a.m.

Syndi came over Saturday and got all of her books, clothes, and other stuff that somehow got left here.  And then she went back to her room.  I asked her to go to church with me on Sunday, but she said no.  Sunday came and I hardly saw her.  Monday came, my Kleenex were in her car, so I got her keys and got them out.  I’ve had a little cold, but I’m okay.  After I picked them up, I spent maybe 20 minutes in her room.  She said that someone asked her if we were dating.

“People ask me that all the time.” I said.

“It really annoys me.  I believe I’m going to put up a sign.”

I played along with her words.  Then she said, “Would you be hurt if I asked you not to come home with me for fall break?”

I said, “No, not at all…I was actually expecting you to ask me that.”

She came up with the excuse that she didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable around her friends who drink, but I know the real reason is because she didn’t want to feel uncomfortable around me as she drank.

She finally decided that she didn’t want “my world” and “my Christian lifestyle.”

Things are okay.  We still talk, but I doubt that we ever hold hands above a waterfall again.

And look at the today’s date.

September 12, 1995.

September 12, 1992.

I know I have often said that I will not look back, but I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to do that.

It’s been three years.

But those days still touch me.

Even now, it seems I strive to find the happiness and perfection those days held for me.

The weather outside is getting cooler.  It’s funny because it felt like the weather in Cincinnati long ago.

Last night was free Nacho night at The Big Chill.  I went with some new freshman in my dorm, Dan, Jeff, and Vince.

Antigone rehearsals are going okay.  The show opens in exactly two weeks.

I’m writing Erica through email and I wrote Barbie a letter that I plan to send her.

I am a sophomore at Lees-McRae College and today is the only September 12, 1995 that I will ever know.

Let’s do life the right way on my first try.


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