September 7, 1995 – Thursday – 11:35 p.m.

Syndi and I watched the girls’ soccer game yesterday.  We won!!  And last night after I wrote some girls up for breaking visitation, she called me and asked me to tell her a bedtime story.  I told her the story of the female bird.  She fell asleep as I told it and I could hear her breathe through the phone.  It reminded me of our night together under the waterfall back in May, as her breath ran across the rim of my ear

She sent off her application to the University in Tampa.  She plans to leave Lees-McRae after this semester.  I pray she doesn’t leave.  But I suppose a good education, her family, and Eric are more important than me.

It seems a storm is brewing, and will soon blow me past Crestview to Tampa, a city on the other side of the country from Cincinnati.

Things have changed.

And I praise God for that.

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