August 27, 1995 – Sunday – 10:15 p.m.

A year since the storm.

However, it did rain today.

And Syndi and I found another waterfall.  Except we stood on top of this one.

We spent the whole day together.  I asked her last night if she would like to come to church with me.  She did and she said she enjoyed it.  She sang the songs and she read the Bible with me.  She was smiling.  We were both hungry, so after the service we went to the Banner Elk Cafe and I bought us breakfast.  Penny was our waitress.  She is the sweetest girl.

Then we drove to Wildcat Lake and walked out across the dam there.  We were on top of a waterfall.  We spent about an hour or so there.  She took ahold of my hand as we walked.  She held it so tight with our fingers intertwined.  We picked lily pad flowers and gave them to each other.


We went back to campus and ate lunch.  Other guys wanted us to sit with them, but she wanted us to sit alone at a separate table.  After lunch, we went to her room.  She played with my hair and I did some homework.  We laughed, smiled, and talked about so many things.  I spent the entire afternoon in her room.

James and Curt came over.  She laid next to me and put her head on my chest.  I laid my hand on her waist.  I asked her if she wanted to go to church with me again tonight.  She said yes.  She had a better time than this morning.  She wanted to help me find the scriptures in the Bible.  She smiled the whole time.

After church, we worked out in the gym then went to her room.  I spent some time there and then came back here.

James is bummed.  He is jealous.  He is left out.  He sounds really depressed.  He had a huge crush on Syndi all last year.  He’s always adored Julia Roberts and Syndi is the spitting image of Julia Roberts.  A beautiful, tall, curvy body with a huge, bright smile.

I try to help James, but he won’t let me.

. . .

Syndi just called me a few minutes ago while I was writing.  She just wanted to talk some more.  She is wonderful.  She hugged me when I left tonight.  She held my hand when we prayed in church.

She is special.

I claim her for the Kingdom of God!  You cannot have her Satan!  I claim this in Jesus’ name!!

Thank you Father.  Before she grows close to me, I pray she grows close to you.


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