August 26, 1995 – Saturday – 11:35 p.m.

An amazing day!

Auditions went okay.  I had fun with it.  I took a break for lunch and found Syndi in the cafeteria.  We sat together and had a nice talk.  This evening after dinner, we (Syndi, James, a new guy named Todd, and myself) spent time in my room.  I had the Performing Arts department’s video camera, so I recorded us just talking and hanging out.  Charlie called and asked me if I wanted to go over to Nebel Hall and play spoons with him, Kate, and Stofka.  It seems that this morning, Kate realized that she had a good thing when she had Charlie, so some things have changed and they are together again.

Syndi, James, Todd, and I went to play spoons.  It was the greatest!  But afterwards, we came back here.  Syndi and I were lying on the bed while James and Todd were watching TV.  I then turned and looked at this beautiful girl lying across from me.  She looked at me.  And for what seemed like 30 minutes, we didn’t look away.  We smiled and laughed, but we kept looking at each other, not saying a word.  She eventually took a hold of my hand and rubbed it and told me how soft my skin was.

But James began to act weird, so he left and Syndi decided she should go back to her room.

I asked Syndi if she wanted to go to church with me tomorrow.  She said yes.

Something is happening.

But I’m not saying anything.  I’m actually holding back.  It takes so much strength for me to keep my arms by my side.  It seems like they belong around her.

I believe I’m going to go for a walk.

Simply to pray for this girl.

That God will let his heavenly water fall upon her.

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