August 25, 1995 – Friday – 10:15 a.m.

Last night was interesting.

Convocation was last night.  Syndi and James and I went together.  She wore the most beautiful dress.  But it was very low cut and her beautiful body was exposed.  And for some reason, I wished she was more covered up.  We sat next to each other and wrote notes to back and forth, etc.  I got some looks from people saying, “Are you two together?”

We went to Diary Queen after the convocation and had ice cream.  We all came back to my room and took some pictures.  Then after our hall meetings we went to Wildcat Lake and played on the swings and then drove around to just take in the beautiful mountains and do our best to get lost.


I pray for Syndi.

I pray she finds the Lord.

But I need to be careful.  I cannot fall for this girl.  She is beyond my reach.  Yet, I have held her.  I have touched her.  I have walked with her.  She pours her dreams and problems out to me.

I guess I was right.

Another girl came along.

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