August 23, 1995 – Wednesday – 11:20 p.m.

I am on duty again!  I am covering for Shawn.

Classes began today.  Two of mine didn’t meet today.  Ballet and Acting met.  They seemed fun.

Syndi and I spent some time together today.  We went to the park down the road and played on the swings, then we went into some small stores and went rock hopping down Elk River.  There were times when I would reach out to hold her hand and help her across.  Being so close and hearing the rushing water; it all seemed so right.  We spent over three hours together today.  There was a party tonight, but because of me, she told me she wasn’t going to go.  I am proud of her.  She seems to be doing well.

James seems a bit jealous.  But he is okay.

I talked to Amy and Angela some today as well.

I also met a girl today named Jennifer.  She is in my acting class.  I ran into while at Food Lion with Charlie.

Everything is just swell!

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