August 21, 1995 – Monday – 11:10 p.m.

Jonathan called me last night!  He is good.  We both told each other happy birthday.

Today has been fun.  Rachel and I made FCA signs and met two freshman girls named Amy and Angela as we were hanging the signs around campus.  They are Christians!  They are fun!  I went over to their room at around 6:30 and didn’t come back until 10:00 p.m.  The three of us plus four other girls watched The Little Mermaid and talked endlessly.  Everyone was really nice.  Perhaps I have found some good friends.

Things are good.  I really am enjoying this!  The production this fall is not of my taste.  I’m not sure I will audition, but I’m sure the Lord will provide something.

Charlie and I had an interesting talk today.  He said he is not happy with Kate.  He said that when he is miserable, he is happy, but when he has a girl and everything should be great, he is miserable.

I understand him.

I have been here one week and one day and everything is great!

Thank you Lord for this place!  It feels like it was made for me.

I love you Lord with all of my heart.


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