August 18, 1995 – Friday – 11:58 p.m.

My birthday ended about 24 hours ago.  I am 19-years-old.

And yesterday was an amazing day!

It began with a call from my mother.  Besides her, the only other person to say hello to me was Michelle.  But that evening, the whole Residence Life staff brought me a chocolate cake to me that said “Happy Birthday, Steven Spielberg!”  They surprised me greatly!  Ever since Charlie heard I wanted to make movies, he sometimes calls me Steven Spielberg.

I was given three parties for my birthday this year.  Wow!

The past couple of days, Charlie, my RD, has really been pushing me to get the residence hall together.  He said that all of the others were better, so I worked on decorating and added a few things to make it feel like a home to the incoming students.  Allison and Craig came over and took a look and said it was by far one of the best ones.  Allison and Craig are the two top RDs.  They were married back in May!

Today we all had a picnic at Wildcat Lake!  A great time.

Tonight I went with Kate and Charlie to rent some movies.  We rented School Ties and Legends of the Fall.  I just got back.

Things should be pretty slow tomorrow, but then new students arrive on Sunday!


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