August 16, 1995 – Wednesday – 11:58 p.m.

A long day!

I got up at 6:30 a.m., ate breakfast, cleaned my residence hall up some, went to a few workshops, ate lunch, played some games with the other RAs; it was a good day.

Charlie and I even went to Sharon’s today.  She and the family are doing great.  So good to see them.  Laura was more beautiful than ever!

And these mountains are all around me!  I am here.  Here at the place I have longed to be.  However, very few people are here at the moment.  It is a little lonely.  But they are coming next week.  James is coming.  Syndi is coming.  New people are coming.

This room used to be Charlie’s, but now it looks like mine.  I miss Charlie’s old room.

I miss Emily.

I want to talk to her.

No one to hold.

Hardly anyone to think about.

Just me and the Lord!


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